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Concerned that you don't know what you don't know when it comes to accounting and taxes?

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This comprehensive and convenient course is designed for new and future solo and small law firm owners in all practice areas who want to create a solid foundation and clear understanding about the financial side of running a thriving law practice.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Read your firm’s financial statements and establish a routine for doing so on a regular basis.

  • Recognize and resolve financial statement errors.

  • Be alert to certain important tax considerations, including ones specific to law firms.

Included with your course are quizzes to solidify your understanding of course topics and handouts to help analyze and improve the financial side of your practice.

Note: This course is not a replacement for the relationships you’ll need with your accounting and tax advisors, but rather the education you need to better understand how to interact and work with those important business partners.

Course Outline

Coursework includes the following concepts:

  • Financial Statements

    Gain an understanding of the spending and financial performance of your firm.

  • Trust Accounts

    The purpose of trust accounts and how to handle client funds.

  • Taxes

    Guidelines to help manage your firm's accounting and taxes.

  • Cash Flow Planning

    Learn how to organize cash flow and prepare for the future.

Meet Your Instructor

Alicyn McLeod

Alicyn McLeod is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Financial Planner™ with nearly 20 years of tax experience. She specializes in tax planning and compliance for closely-held businesses including law firms, estate executors, individuals, and not-for-profits.

Alicyn, a Georgia native, is a graduate of Augusta University where she earned a bachelor’s in business administration in Accounting and a Master of Business Administration. She is an animal-lover who wanted to be a veterinarian as a child and accidentally stumbled into accounting while working her way through school. She quickly appreciated that each day holds its own unique professional challenges and learning opportunities. She enjoys applying her specialized knowledge to her clients’ business and tax situations to help them understand and navigate confusing issues that can have a large impact on their finances.

It is her extensive experience working with attorneys that led her to create this course. Her goal is to make sure that small business owners have the knowledge necessary to understand their financial position and make informed decisions both now and for the future.

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What They're Saying

Sydney Strickland & Leigh Ann Webster

Strickland Webster LLC

"We can’t imagine not working with Alicyn. She is honest and extremely bright, and she understands how law firms work so we know we’re getting the best advice possible."

Paul Black

The Law Office of Paul Black, LLC

"Alicyn has become an indispensable partner in the success of my practice. Her keen attention to detail and personable approach to taxes has made it impossible for me to imagine making big business decisions without her advice."

Dan Frey

Giant Worldwide

"Alicyn has an uncanny ability to understand the individual as well as their objective. She executes well in both capacities. She knows how to be relational but can also be objective and rational. Those are competencies that are inborn in her; I recommend her regularly because of this."

Lorrie Thomas Ross

Web Marketing Therapy

"Alicyn is not just a numbers person – she’s a business person. When you work with Alicyn, you know it’s a relationship and not a transaction. She is incredibly supportive, and I highly recommend her."

Barry Spurlock

Spurlock & Associates

"Alicyn is extremely good at what she does, easy to communicate with and very accommodating as well. She stays up to date on all tax law changes and clearly communicates the best way to handle these issues in my business."

Beth Kearns

Triniti Consulting

"Alicyn is a crucial part of any planning or business decision I make. She provides the information I need to choose the right path and is incredibly responsive when I need help. I can’t recommend her enough."

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long is the course?

    Approximately 2 hours. This assumes you watch each video in its entirety, take all the quizzes, and spend a couple of minutes with each of the handouts.

  • Is this course relevant to my practice area?

    Yes! Different practice areas will have nuances, but the basics taught in this course apply across the board to solo/small law firms.

  • Will this course teach me to do my own bookkeeping or tax returns?

    No. This course provides fundamental knowledge for interacting with your bookkeeper and tax advisor, but won't turn you into a bookkeeper or a tax preparer.

  • Is this course CLE qualified?

    No. Course participation does not include Continuing Legal Education credits.

  • What if I don't learn anything from the course?

    Assuming the topics of accounting, taxes, and cash flow management are new to you, we are confident that you'll learn quite a bit! However, if you find this course isn't what you were looking for, we're more than happy to provide a refund.


This course and related materials are designed to highlight certain accounting and tax-related topics that are often relevant to attorneys of solo and small firms. This course and its related materials are not an exhaustive source of information these topics. This course and its related materials are based on standard accounting practices and current US tax law, both of which are subject to change. Strategies presented here may or may not be helpful to you based on your unique business and tax situations. Consult your accounting and tax advisor(s).